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  • Commitment to compliance with the legislation in force and the continuous improvement of quality management.

  • Commitment of the head of project and discipline chiefs to lead effectively the design process for all projects.

  • Called to all workers in the enterprise, to comply with and respect all the provisions of quality that must be implemented in order to achieve the desired objectives in this area

Corporate Policies




  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment to eliminate or minimize injuries and illnesses.



  • Designing safe facilities, clean, quiet, and that comply with the requirements of our customers to their complete satisfaction.


  • Develop and disseminate technologies ecologically sustainable.




  • Respect for the culture and customs of the communities within the areas of influence of the projects designed by SMC Architects.



  • Use the principles of sustainable development in the design of our projects.





  • The methodology of quality is to verify and check that all the contractual requirements of quality are met, and that corporate standards and customer standards are incorporated into the design of the projects to be carried out


  • SMC Architects defines as a priority for all of its personnel, the fulfilment of the requirements of the quality system in all its services.



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