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San Martin & Campos Architects is a consulting firm formed by the architects Marcela Campos Cifuentes and Ricardo San Martin Grandon. That, along with a team of professionals, specializes in the development of projects of the industrial area, institutional and housing, among others.


Among the activities developed by SMC Architects, most notable projects of architecture of buildings of processes of the industrial area, projects of architecture and engineering for buildings of staff (Structures, urbanization, roads, landscaping, electrical installations and instrumentation, sanitary facilities of drinking water, wastewater and Industrial domestic; environmental chemistry, etc.), Monitoring for development of technical bases, invitations to support, monitoring and review of architecture and engineering at third; and monitoring in sectoral management of permissions.

Ricardo San Martín Grandón
Architect U. de Chile 1989 
Marcela Campos Cifuentes
Architect U. de Chile 1989 
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